Thursday, August 17, 2006


I wasn't going to write about blogging because i thought it would be like one of those pictures that i really liked when i was a kid- you know the ones: it's a picture of a room, and on the wall there's a picture of a room with a picture of a room on the wall, and in that room ....and on and on forever.
Well i changed my mind.
Blogging is the thing that's been missing from my life since i was thirteen! It's a place to put all that miscellaneous STUFF that there isn't really anywhere to put. I've always kept diaries but 'What's the point in that??!!' They're under your bed in a box and no one ever reads them (except the person that you absolutely don't want to read them) and then it causes loads of trouble and it's all really dramatic.
This way you get to say whatever you want-and you're not hiding it, in fact, the opposite- you are inviting people to read it, "Come on, have a look inside my soul!"
All of this would be true if i weren't doing this anonymously. It would be true if i were inviting my colleagues and friends and family to read this, but i'm not. I'm not writing for people i know, i'm writing for people i don't know.
What's that all about then?

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Northern Creative said...

I am writing for people I know with a view to my writings being enjoyed by people I don't know. Blogging little pieces of creative writing helps me switch off and I feel like I'm doing something worth while.

I came across a blog recently that had been abandoned as people the blogger knew had come across her anonymous writings. It seemed to have served it's perpous anyway. Search for 'blog therapy' on blogger and you may find it.

Do Blogs have life spans?

Another favorite blog of mine, 'just the blog of a local lass' mysteriously disapeared recently. I still don't know why...

My Mum writes an anonymous blog. Part of me would love to come across it. Part of me wouldn't. I think my Mum enjoys blogging though and I think she benefits from the anonymous outlet thing too....