Wednesday, October 18, 2006


It's like a test of your commitment at this stage, isn't it?
We're three months in; we did it almost every night in the beginning and in every room in the house: now we need to decide if the honeymoon period is over.
Is this going anywhere? Am i putting more into this than i'm getting out?
Am i the one doing all the talking? Does it matter if i'm enjoying myself?
What is the meaning of life?

Perhaps, i've given away too much too soon, on the other hand, there are things i haven't been so open about. If i'd been more open, maybe i would have got a better response.

Maybe i should start afresh, or should i stick with it and see what happens?

Phew. I really don't know.

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Northern Creative said...

i was really confused for a moment there! but then I realised you were talking about.

Maybe finer detail will draw your audience in?

I have heard other bloggers say that it takes ages and ages before you gain a big readership!

Maybe you're also being too modest?