Monday, December 11, 2006

Text Sculpture

On Sunday 3rd December i texted to ask him, "When are you coming to see me?"
He didn't reply.

So on Monday i asked him "When".
On Tuesday "are you".
On Wednesday "coming".
On Thursday "to see me?"

Roughly at the same time every night, but a little later or earlier each day, to take him by surprise or to make him wait.

I thought it was like a text sculpture.

Still waiting.


lola said...

he's a cheeky monkey that one, I prefer the less subtle art of just turning up to the boys house and throwing things until he kisses me.

thankfully thats just me dreaming though, in reality, I just think about texting, and don't. or do it when drunk, in a confrontation and very unsexy way.

loving the posts btw. keep it up.

Nina Chadwick said...

Happy Holidays Lola!

Anonymous said...

i think ur blogs are kool!

cathy said...

reading between the lines my response is..
did you have fun, if so fair exchange is no robbery.FFF