Wednesday, June 13, 2007

WANTED: Gig Buddy

Being at home during the day has it's advantages.
I got to listen to the White Stripes do their live tracks on radio 1 this lunchtime.
Downside is, i can't afford to go and see them on Friday. Also, none of my friends want to go! I've got a bone to pick with Icky Thump though: it's 'Ecky Thump' (as in 'Eck' being short for 'Heck'); being a comedy Yorkshire exclamation. Unless they have some reason for changing it to an 'I'. If anyone has an explanation I'd be glad to hear it.
We went to see Massive Attack last year. There was a moment during Unfinished Sympathy where we all looked at each other and said, "Soundtrack of our lives".
Bit of a corporate affair that festival though. Lots of big fancy cars and couples in matching denim outfits wearing expensive jewellry. As soon as they went off stage, everyone piled out. No vibe there (man).


lola said...

I'll be your gig buddy, m'lady.

I'm always looking for people to come to Brixton academy with me!

Nina Chadwick said...

If i'm down i'll let you know. I saw Beck at Brixton Academy. He was wearing a white suit and was moonwalking- it was brilliant! He also had that DJ with the cowboy hat that used to tour with him. He did some scratching with a record turned on it's edge-amazing.