Sunday, April 15, 2012


We sat opposite each other at work.
I had got more hours, and so was teaching everyday (equivalent to about a point 5). Our relationship started with a bit of office banter. Mainly this would consist of him telling me stories about his dating escapades. He would show me pictures of the latest women who had 'liked' him on the site.
He also talked about an 'Ex'. I presumed the dating stuff was an entertaining (if a little misguided) attempt to get over that relationship.
When I had asked him if he had a good Christmas he told me that he hadn't, he wasn't close to his parents and his dad was ill with cancer.
When it came to half term, to my surprise, I dreamed about him in the week I wasn't at work! I then realised that I was really looking forward to seeing him at the end of the second week.
It was my bosses wedding and everyone from work was invited. I was looking really hot and this didn't go unnoticed. He monopolised me for most of the evening: at one point we were standing at the bar talking to another colleague and he had his arms on the bar either side of me. I quite liked that too. He's six foot four, and it had been a long time since anyone had been that familiar with me physically.
Towards the end of the night we were talking and I realised he was going to kiss me.
"You're not going to kiss me in front of all our colleagues surely....."

Anyway, I drove him and a couple of other people home, dropping him off last. At his flat he played some lad music and I flippantly asked if he had any disco. And this was the hook (could it be that simple?) he put on some Shuggie Otis.
There was no romance, in fact he fell asleep on the sofa. I took a sheet off the clothes airer and put it over him, and then I drove home.

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